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Another big tobacco company enters the fray

Add another major tobacco company to the list of firms marketing their own electronic cigarette. British American Tobacco has unveiled their own e-cigarette, known as the Vype. Right now, the Vype is available online and will be sold in retail stores starting in September. Their only option to date is disposable e-cigs, but they say a rechargeable version of the Vype will be released in the near future.

BAT, which markets the tobacco brands Benson and Hedges, Lucky Strike and Dunhill, is seen as positioning itself for 2016, when a British governmental agency will start regulating ecigarettes as “non-prescription medicines.” That could open the door for Britain’s national health service to prescribe electronic cigarettes as a treatment option for smokers looking to quit the habit.

Many analog cigarette companies have made the move to offer their own branded ecigs, to take advantage of the burgeoning vaping market. BAT is the world’s number two tobacco company.

The story was first reported by the British newspaper The Independent.

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