Benefits of E-Cigarettes

To determine the benefits of e-cigarettes, you must first distinguish between the use of e-cigs and the regular tobacco smoking. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking at the very least, and at the very most a technology whose effects on society will be far-reaching. These devices allow a person to mimic tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled vapor which has the physical sensation, appearance, and in the best cases even has the flavor and nicotine content of traditional cigarettes. The vapor is a solution of propylene glycol, or rather, a glycerin based liquid solution. Including nicotine is optional.

There’s no questioning the fact that smoking is bad for you, putting your health at terrible risk. With that in mind, one would assume that there are benefits to using e-cigarettes. Beyond that, the facts are still a matter of debate among governments, health organizations and researchers – and there are no conclusive tests proving or disproving the health effects of e-cigs. What is indisputable, though, is that when you smoke an e-cigarette, there is no burning tobacco (or “burning anything,” no tar, and no carbon monoxide filling up your lungs. Does that reduce the chances of all the things that can potentially come with smoking such as cancer, lung damage, and emphysema? Does it mean there are health benefits to e-cigarettes? Again, we can’t say “yes” – but you can take the available information and draw your own conclusions.

E-cigarettes aren’t advertised or suggested as a quit-smoking aid. However, one benefit of e-cigs is that you can choose the amount of nicotine you’re taking into your body with each cartridge you purchase – anything from the level of an unfiltered or full-flavored cigarette, all the way down to zero nicotine. Have many people used this to their advantage when trying to wean themselves off nicotine? Anecdotally, many say they have.

What really fueled the rage for electronic cigarettes when they first came out was the fact that there are no practical limits to where you use them. As the number and inclusiveness of smoking bans grew, this because one of the greatest benefits of using e-cigarettes. Smoking traditional cigarettes often gets you barred from restaurants, hospitals, and generally anywhere indoors. However, you can use an electronic cigarette literally anywhere without disturbing any non-smokers around you. E-cigarettes are “social” devices – they do not produce second hand smoke. Instead, they produce the vapor that’s a byproduct of water and a propylene glycol solution. This vapor carries no odor, and won’t burn anything, stain anything, disturb anyone, or create any second-hand smoke issues. What’s the benefit to not having to stand outside in the rain or snow – or the benefit to being able to work at your desk while using an e-cig instead of taking time out for a smoke break? The list goes on and on.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of e-cigarettes: cost. As the price of a pack of cigarettes soars past $5.00, the economic advantage of e-cigs starts to become a major factor in many peoples’ choice to switch. Refill cartridges for e-Cigs cost roughly $3.00 apiece and can last three to five times as long as a traditional pack of cigarettes. Many estimates say an e-cigarette habit costs one-third as much as a smoking habit. And one other economic benefit of e-cigarettes is that you’re in charge of how much you “smoke.” You can take one or two puffs and put the e-cig down; you don’t have to “waste” an entire cigarette if all you want is a few quick hits.

If you’re a smoker, just think about the things that you consider “negative aspects” of smoking. Now, use your imagination and think of what it w0uld be like to get the effect of a cigarette, without those negative aspects. Chances are, you’ve imagined what it’s like to use an electronic cigarette – and you’ve realized the benefits of e-cigarettes.