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Quick summary: In a nutshell, Frii is simple, efficient and satisfying. A good combination – a solid choice for those who are looking for an e-cig with nicotine.

Simplicity, efficiency and price are the reasons we look favorably on this product. Frii has no hazardous chemicals, and literally allows you to control how much nicotine you’re taking in.  No tar, no carbon-dioxide. Whether you’re trying to kick the habit, or you’re not ready to “give in” to smoking restrictions, Frii will accommodate you.

The charge duration of Frii’s lithium ion batteries is one reason for our endorsement. One e-cig charge will probably last as long as a whole pack of traditional cigarettes.  Recharging the batteries powering the e-cigarette, is also a simple process.  The Frii kit includes both an AC power adapter, and a USB power adapter, so you can either plug it into the wall, or plug it into a computer and you’ll quickly be ready to smoke again.  This sort of simplicity is what we’ve come to expect from Frii; there are two physical parts of their E-cigarette (as opposed to three parts, the norm among older e-cig brands); one end, the longer end, contains the battery, and the other, the filter cartridge, contains the atomizer which holds the vaporizing liquid.  But there are also no messy liquids to pour and no flavor pouches to deal with – just a cartridge that you can change at will.

Frii allows you to choose how strong you want your e-cig to be.  Frii cartridges offer a choice of high, medium, or low nicotine strength (16, 12 or 8 mg) – or no nicotine at all.  So if you’re trying to quit, you can wean yourself down gradually; if you’re a social smoker, you can choose a lower amount of nicotine; if you’re a committed smoker using an e-cigarette for convenience or as a permanent substitute, you can choose the highest level available. You are in total control of what you’re smoking. You inhale a mixture of mostly nicotine and water vapor, but it feels almost exactly like the “real thing.” And when you exhale, there’s no odor or second-hand smoke – just smokeless water vapor that also looks just like the real thing. Frii also offers a nice selection of flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Vanilla, Strawberry or Cherry. The tobacco and menthol flavors are traditional and satisfying; the others are a wonderful change of pace and turn smoking into something even more enjoyable than ever.

An issue we’ve found with some e-cigarettes is their products are either too short, or too long.  Frii creates its products to look and feel like real cigarettes, with a red light at the tip, resembling a traditional cigarette’s cherry, lighting up each time you inhale.  Whenever the battery starts running low, the red light will start to flash on its own, informing you in advance that you need to recharge.

In a nutshell, Frii is simple, efficient and satisfying.

PRICE: Starter kits from $39.95-129.95. (Note: price comparisons are difficult because each company includes different products in their kits.)




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