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Latest E-Cig Product News

V2 Cigs has announced that it now is offering many of its top flavors in extra-strength, 24mg cartridges and e-liquid. For that extra throat hit, the strong flavors available are Red, Sahara, Congress, Menthol, Peppermint and Mint Tea. They’ve also redesigned their blank cartridges for those who use eliquid, with increased efficiency and a better screw-on cap – users will also be interested that they’ve added Coffee and Vanilla to their e-liquid lineup. Finally, V2 has a new line of disposables, lighter and more powerful, available in Red and Menthol.

Green Smoke has added a new flavor to their lineup: Mountain Clove. They’re one of the first to make this popular, sweet taste available in an electronic cigarette. They’ve also launched a cartridge recycling program. The “green” program works like this: you simply save up 80 used cartridges, call customer service to arrange free shipping, and you then receive 25 loyalty points in your account, which is equal to a pack of new cartridges. It’s a first in the industry.

And White Cloud has released a new disposable, called the Fling Mini. They share the same strong technology as their full-sized relatives, but come in an ecig that’s as small and light as a regular tobacco cigarette, for just $5.95.

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