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More and More Britons Trying E-Cigarettes

The number of people using electronic cigarettes in Britain seems to be growing at a rapid rate. A new study by the British health group “Action on Smoking and Health” has released a new study, showing that 22 percent of Britons report having tried electronic cigarettes during 2012. That’s more than twice the number reported just two years ago, 9 percent.

The study shows that just about every new user was a cigarette smoker, and almost half of those said that they hoped to quit cigarettes by switching to e-cigarettes.

Of course, the major question in the minds of users and authorities alike is safety; ASH research manager Amanda Sandford says that her group believes more research on that question is needed. She seems convinced, however, that it makes sense for smokers to make the switch to ecigs, saying “nicotine itself, once it is isolated and extracted from tobacco and just used in its pure state, is relatively harmless.” And of course, electronic cigarettes are primarily a nicotine delivery system, allowing the user to inhale nicotine without all the harmful effects of inhaling burning tobacco.

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