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Noted Doctor Recommends Electronic Cigarettes to Patients

Dr. Keith Ablow, a noted psychiatrist and member of the Fox News medical team, has written on the Fox News site about his experiences with electronic cigarettes.  Ablow says he now recommends ecigs to patients who have tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking. And he is calling on other doctors to do the same.

Based on the experiences of his patients, Ablow says he believes that e-cigarettes are a good option for smoking cessation because while they do simulate the act of smoking, they don’t do so in a perfect way, meaning they’re a good substitute for tobacco cigarettes but not “good” enough to become just another addition.

Ablow concedes that there is still controversy about whether ecigs are harmless by themselves, since they do contain nicotine and other substances which could possibly cause illness, even cancer. But he cites claims by makers of the devices that the amounts of those other substances are so small that they would have no real-life effect on the user.

And he restates the “fact” – which has not been reliably disputed by any studies or experts – that using electronic cigarettes is far safer than smoking tobacco ones.

That has led Ablow to call for large-scale, clinical trials on e-cigarettes. And he believes that if the trials show that e-cigs are a viable replacement product, that insurance companies should provide electronic cigarettes to smokers, without cost. His belief is that supplying the devices would be a lot less expensive for insurers, than paying to treat cancer and heart disease contracted as a result of smoking.

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