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Quick summary: SmokeTip is a good no-nonsense smokeless cigarette with one of the lowest prices of the e-cigs we’ve found. Their free battery program is also a very strong money-saving feature.

If you’re looking for a less-expensive option when it comes to buying e-cigarettes, SmokeTip is worth checking out. This two-piece smokeless cigarette delivers a middle-of-the-road vaping experience, with decent smoke clouds and throat hit. In our tests, it functioned perfectly and delivered a pretty good punch and scored about 6 out of 10 on our “smoke ring test.” They don’t offer a huge menu of options, but their starter kit is priced below the cost of the competition, and these days, that’s important to lots of folks.

The SmokeTip kit comes with two short lithium batteries, five cartomizers, a USB charger and wall adapter, in a nice box. (You can buy longer batteries or other accessories, like a car charger, separately – but they do most of their sales on their kit and refill cartomizers.) They offer four strengths; their full flavor is only 16mg as opposed to 18mg from most other companies; light, ultra-light and no nicotine are comparable strengths. Their cartridges last perhaps a bit longer than a pack of cigarettes, pretty close to where we’ve found to be the sweet spot for most e-cig brands. Battery charge was right around average as well.

SmokeTip does offer a total of nineteen flavors, one of the biggest selections we’ve seen. There are two tobacco, two menthol, and a host of variety and fruit flavors from coffee and chocolate, to grape and pineapple, to clove and almond. The flavor of their cartomizers isn’t overwhelming, but it’s solid.

In addition to price, SmokeTip also hangs their hat on some nice extras. When you order at least three ten-packs of cartomizers, you get a free battery. If a battery stops working, you can return it for a free replacement. And shipping for all orders is free. For people who want a no-nonsense e-cigarette with lots of flavor options, particularly if price is a major consideration, SmokeTip is a very nice choice.

PRICE: Starter kits are $49.95. (Note: price comparisons are difficult because each company includes different products in their kits.)





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