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The Safe Cig Shut Down?

It appears that one of the original electronic cigarettes on the market, The Safe Cig, is temporarily or permanently shut down. Their website currently redirects to something called “Seminole Cig,” their phone number doesn’t work and their affiliate program has been closed. The only contact we have had with them asked us whether we wanted to continue to list them on our site, but we haven’t heard anything back after responding. We don’t know any more details, but will certainly report on them as we find them.

In response, V2 Cigs has launched a program offering a free Safe Cig to V2 adapter to anyone who buys V2 cartridges, from now through the end of February. This adapter will let Safe Cig customers use V2 carts with their existing Safe Cig batteries. You can get more details on the V2 offer here.

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