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Quick summary: White Cloud provides a high quality product, with lots of options, and has dropped its prices to “market” levels. It’s a great choice for those looking for smoothness, rather than a strong throat hit. They’re also introducing lots of new and unique products worth checking out.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes used to offer the most expensive products of all those in our e-cigarette reviews. But they’ve now drastically reduced prices to more reasonable levels, making them worth another look. You can tell from using White Cloud that it indeed is a very high-quality product, with a solid feel and smooth draw. They also claim a low product failure rate and the longest-lasting batteries and cartridges.  We obviously can’t judge their overall product failure rate, but in our tests their batteries and cartridges did in fact last longer than most of the competition.

White Cloud’s flagship product is the Cirrus, and while they’re manufactured in China, they are hand-assembled, putting them several steps up the ladder from the generic, Chinese-manufactured e-cigs you’ll see from some lesser manufacturers. As you could probably tell, technologically we like this product a lot.

The White Cloud Cirrus uses our preferred two-part design for their products. They also are proud of their so-called “Smooth Draw” cartridges, assembled according to a several specific assembly processes. First, the header coil is placed directly in the center of the cartridge to ensure an even migration of liquid from the nicotine wrap to heating coil.  This stops the chance of overheating and burning people’s lips. Second, there is an unobstructed path created by the vapor stack and silicone bell trap. This creates a smoother draw, and eliminates the need for what’s called “prime puffing” – or puffing to trigger the electronics – like you see with some other e-cigs. All of this is to say, the draw is indeed smooth and you don’t “feel the heat” like with many other products.

The one other objection some will have – is a lack of strong throat hit on the inhale (although extra strength and double extra strength, a rarity on the market, are available to increase the kick). We found that we missed the hit, but one of our other testers found it to be a strong advantage to the White Cloud. It’s truly a matter of personal preference.

As for new products, there are several. First, there’s the “squid” charger that will charge three batteries at the same time, a first on the market and a real plus if you’re on the go a lot. Then there are the “invisi-vapor” cartridges which only emit a very small amount of vapor, ideal if you’re vaping somewhere that it’s frowned upon. There are also new shotgun tips which let you vape three flavors at once, and lighter disposables that have a soft tip.

The White Cloud cartridges come in 19 different flavors (with occasional limited edition flavors added to the list), including  Tobacco, Diablo and Apache (a more full-bodied tobacco), Menthol, Vanilla, Espresso, Chocolate, Clove, Strawberry, Snap (mint), Bora Bora (ginger and lime), Lime and Coconut, and Kick (cinnamon). There are six nicotine levels: double extra strength, extra strength, full flavor, lights, ultra-lights (tobacco and menthol) and no nicotine. And with an eye toward glamour and fun, the company has designer Vapor Jackets available for their e-cigs, providing hundreds of different designs and patterns you can put on your e-cigarettes.  They fit any size of Cirrus model e-cigs and are also “heat shrunk” so the adhesive will not ruin your battery.  They come in packs of seven, with free shipping, for $9.95.

White Cloud may be the best designed e-cigarettes we’ve reviewed. Their efforts to create a smooth draw are obviously quite successful as well. Whether you prefer that smooth draw to a strong throat hit is only something you can decide.

PRICE:  Starter kits range from $39.95 to $109.95.  (Note: price comparisons are difficult because each company includes different products in their kits.) Use the code “WCKIT15” for a 15% discount on all starter kits. (Note: the availability of discount codes for our visitors has no effect, pro or con, on our reviews.)




  1. Jennifer Hudson
    May 25th, 2012 at 01:45 | #1

    I was a bit hesitant about the price, then I checked their website again, and the prices are much lower than they were in the past. Their kits are still somewhat more than other brands, but it was worth it because the cartridges really last as long as they say that they do. I’ve tried 8 different brands, and it’s by far the best. I ordered the double extra strength Menthol, and it’s so powerful, by far the best throat hit that I’ve found so far. I’ve had the product for only 5 weeks, and it’s been amazing so far.

  2. Warren Moik
    July 6th, 2012 at 15:25 | #2

    After smoking a pack a day for several years I was amazed at how effective White Cloud e-cigs were at helping me quit using tobacco. I went from pack/day to every 3-4 days and then none in under a month. I can’t even stand the taste of a regular cigarette anymore. The SmoothDraw cartridges taste great, provide awesome amounts of vapor, and last incredibly long. I’ve been smoke-free for almost two years. I’ve tried several different cheapo brands and you really do get what you pay for! White Cloud has reliable products that truly satisfy my cravings and a great customer service team. Thanks so much for saving my life!

  3. Amy Taylor
    July 13th, 2012 at 18:51 | #3

    I am a huge fan of White Cloud ecigs. As a former smoker of 15+ years, and many attempts at quitting, I was pleasantly surprised as to the ease of quitting with the use of these ecigs. I tried several other brands all of which had serious issues ranging from poor quality to unpleasant side effects. I love the convenience of having kiosks at the malls that I frequent and the prices are well worth it. I have never had the urge to return to smoking real cigarettes since using WC. Within a few days my sense of smell and taste came back and I can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke anymore. Thanks WC for freeing me from a nasty addiction!

  4. TG
    July 19th, 2012 at 00:35 | #4

    When I went looking for an ecigarette, I was prompted by a workplace policy that prevented smoking on site–I mean within two
    miles, not in your car if its in the lot–nothing. Naturally I flipped out–I tried so many of the brands, the ones in the gas stations, the
    liquid ones, some blue garbage, and then I found white cloud. At first, the investment seemed steep compared to other brands,
    but in this case, I found you REALLY do get what you pay for. I couldnt find something that satisfied every physical dependency
    I had on cigarettes, either I couldnt feel the burn, I couldnt see the vapor, or the taste wasnt dirty enough. This hit every spot. So I
    bought it just for use at work about two years ago. Id take my little pack of nic-fix with me in the morning and light up right after
    my shift was over–well after I was well off the lot. I’m not sure when it happened, but eventually I stopped going for the real ones
    after work, the nicotine fix was such that, I didnt even crave one. Over about a year, I completely stopped smoking the real
    things. I have 6 batteries, the warranty is phenomenal, shipping is always free, the flavors are surprisingly good–which is unusual for an ecig–now I cant even stand the smell of one. I feel so much better, I smell so much better, and I try to tell everyone about this-dont
    look at it like you are trying to quit–you set yourself up for failure–look at it as someone trying to lose weight does a slim fast–
    something to tide you over until you can pick up the chocolate shake.–eventually, you forget all about it. Its the best thing I never
    meant to stick with. Now I just pray they NEVER out of business. Ever.

  5. Joseph
    January 22nd, 2013 at 02:49 | #5

    This is simply the best E-Cig out there. Tried many other E-Cigs and no other can outperform this product. Finally free of smoking.

  6. Joseph
    January 22nd, 2013 at 02:52 | #6

    LOL, I used V2 for 8 months and it is no comparison to White Cloud, Greensmoke or 777.

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